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You have a chance this week to get rid of some major junk if you have major junk clogging your life. It is cleanup week in Peabody. There are only a few days left to muscle it all to the curb. Save a few bucks and let the city haul it off for you. Empty a spot in your garage for your car. Winter is coming and weather experts are forecasting more snow than usual. You will probably appreciate having your windshield and door locks protected.

Haul what you have to the curb for Friday pickup. Remember to box, bag, or bundle it. Do not pile it in a heap. Help make it easier for crews that will pick it up. If you do not follow that rule, they really do not have to move it into the trash truck. They will take appliances that do not contain refrigerants. Simple as can be. Next cleanup is six months away. Do yourself a favor and do it now.

I suppose many of you watched the Emmy Awards Sunday evening. I hope you saw my famous high school classmate Richard Jenkins receive an Emmy Award for best actor in a limited series — an HBO series called “Olive Kitteridge.” My family and classmates have enjoyed seeing him perform for many decades. He pulled off a clever comment about Emmy presenter Lady Gaga after she handed him his award. Looking to the audience, star struck, he said, “That was Lady Gaga! So, Dad, what did you do last night?” It is great fun to have Dick Jenkins on our entertainment radar.

Speaking of things from the past week, I want you regular readers to know that I did get rid of two slate blackboards from the first Peabody High School (turned into Peabody Grade School in 1927). One was whole and in good shape, the other broken in two. However, the recipient wanted to make small chalkboards for her grandchildren so broken pieces were fine with her. I still have several left to give away. I will warn you: They are heavy. Bring help to move them, as I am not much interested in hoisting them into a truck. Give me a call if you would like to have one.

Finally, it is almost October and you know what that means. College basketball. Finally. Off-season has gone on way too long. By the end of October, we should have celebrated Shocker Madness, Late Night in the Phog, and probably some kind of purple hoops event although I am unable to find it mentioned on any KSU basketball site. No matter, the season will be here in Kansas. Life is good. I hope they all do well until March. When it is time for the Big Dance, I do have a favorite. However, until then, let the television gods feed me reception to any Kansas basketball team one or more nights a week and I will be happy. Bring on October.


Last modified Sept. 24, 2015