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Top Tier gas includes cleaner

Staff writer

\Not all gasolines are created equal, according to some local fuel sellers.

The Cenex brand of gasoline contains an additive known as Top Tier.

Mixed at a McPherson refinery, Top Tier gasoline has 2½ times the cleaning power of ordinary gasolines. It comes standard in every grade and is suitable for all engines, Cenex says.

The detergent standard in Top Tier is higher than EPA detergent requirements. The fuel removes deposits left behind by lesser quality gasolines. It cleans dirty intake valves and fuel injectors, restoring engine power.

Cenex fuel is sold by many companies, but in this area it is available at no extra cost above regular fuel and can be found at Ampride in Marion and Hillsboro,; Agri Trails CardTrols in Durham, Tampa, and Lincolnville; the MKC CardTrol in Peabody; and other places.

Delbert Peters, fuel sales manager for Cooperative Grain and Supply, once got a call from a mechanic from outside the area, asking where he could get Top Tier gasoline.

“You need to promote that,” he said.

Peters said local Casey’s stores get their fuel from the same refinery, but it doesn’t contain the same additive. Casey’s corporate headquarters could not be reached for comment.

Last modified July 12, 2018