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Too much plastic

Throughout the history of America, we have faced several fads and trends to improve our appearances and perhaps cause ourselves to “stand out” amongst our peers. One of these many trends is altering our appearances with cosmetic or “plastic” surgeries.

This concept never really seemed to bother me until recently. I happened to catch something about the upcoming Miss USA pageant. As the pictures of the contestants came across the screen, one thing seemed to stand out to me among each and every one of them.

They looked fake, plastic, and to me, not at all attractive. The ultimate question really is “What is beauty?” Is it in the eye of the beholder or the surgeon?

So, for the sake of my article, I researched some pictures of the first contestants who participated in the pageant in 1950 and was shocked at what I saw. Every one of the women was gorgeous AND natural! The contrast between the past and the present is unbelievable. Has the definition of “beautiful” really altered that much in a mere 59 years?

To stop contestants from going under the knife, I suggest contestants have to be plastic surgery-free. The contestants should not have any alterations in order to make them Miss USA material.

Did God not intend for us to look a certain way when we’re born? So what if a person’s nose is too big or breasts are not the adequate size. I know this all seems a bit silly but it simply is something to ponder.

In conclusion, shall we just say that I, personally, will not be a viewer of Miss USA 2009.

— paige barnes

Last modified Jan. 14, 2009