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Thursday nights wil feature Spirit Run to Santa Fe Park

Peabody-Burns High School football coach David Pickens and his assistants will host a weekly spirit event to generate some pride and enthusiasm for the Warriors.

“We hope to include younger students as well as people from the community,” Pickens said. “This will be like a weekly community pep assembly.”

When the Warriors finish their Thursday night practice, they will leave the football field on foot. At the intersection of Vine and Second streets they will begin a slow jog to Walnut and then south to Santa Fe Park.

“The boys should begin jogging about 5 or 5:15. We hope they invite kids from the grade school or junior high to join them,” Pickens said. “Everyone is invited to participate.

“At the park, we will have a brief presentation by the coaches and the captains. They will say a few words and we will present some weekly awards to the players: offensive and defensive players of the week, scout team player of the week, and the Warrior hit man of the week award,” he said.

The team invites the community to attend.

“It won’t be long drawn-out speeches,” he said. “Just a chance to honor some kids who work hard and give it their all week after week. And we hope it will give the younger kids some pride in their team and communities.”

For more information, contact the high school at (620) 983-2196.

Last modified Sept. 15, 2011