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This spud’s for you, 4th graders

Staff writer

Marion Elementary School fourth-graders celebrated their next-to-last day of school last week by having fun with potatoes.

The class went to Central Park, complete with potatoes painted like national flags, and staged a Potato Olympics competition.

Not only was it fun for students. They also got some education out of preparing for the day.

Before Olympics day, students researched other countries and made banners to represent what they said was every country — except, without explanation, Australia and the continent of Antarctica.

Banners were hung on a line between two trees. Then the first competition began.

Potatoes were “skiied” down slides to see which was the fastest.

Students then “rowed” potatoes along sidewalks.

After that, students bowled with potatoes and played bocce.

A wiffle competition with students throwing and catching potatoes was a tie-breaker.

Elaina Richmond and Skylar Ottensmeier, whose potatoes represented Botswana, won gold medals.

Ty Koehn and Wyatt Holland, whose potatoes represented Portugal, received second-place medals.

Cecilia Jones and Arlie Erwin, whose potatoes represented Jamaica, received bronze medals.

Last modified May 23, 2024