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The weather wasn't chilly but good for chili

The weather was warm and windy Saturday but that didn’t deter several hundred people from enjoying a chili cook-off at Marion County Park and Lake.

The second annual competition attracted 11 competitors from the Marion area, Newton, Park City, Wichita, Goddard, Derby, Salina, and Elmo.

The flavors were as diverse as the names of the teams. Most of the chili had a unique ingredient in it or story about it.

The team of “Freebird Chili” served a white chili with turkey and cumin instead of traditional beef and chili powder.

“Pass the Buck” used venison. “BIOYA Chili” used sirloin and chili peppers that added a bite. “Road Kill” was made of buffalo and was the spiciest with different peppers. “Lolita’s Mexican Chili” had cactus in it.

Grandma’s recipe was used for “30-Minute Chili” and “Pendergraft’s Yum-Oh Chili” had a little vinegar in it.

“Rowdy Texas Chili” had no beans, and “Margaritaville Chili/Best Little Chili House in Marion” and “Richard’s Chili” considered their fare traditional and mild.

Marion County Park and Lake Superintendent Steve Hudson was pleased with the turnout and plans to do it again next year.

Trophies were given to those teams who received the most “golden chili beans” by those who sampled the chili.

The first place winner was team “Freebird Chili” with members Barbara McCurdy and Marcy Davis of Goddard. Second place, “Pendergraft Yum-Oh Chili,” Gordon Pendergraft of the lake; and third place, “Margaritaville Chili/Best Little Chili House in Marion,” Keith Koop of Derby.

There was a total of 141 votes casted with special “golden chili beans.”

Last modified Oct. 8, 2008