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The ride is the thing

The third Peabody Cruise will be 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday in downtown Peabody. Despite newspaper articles, ads, and fliers about the event for the past three months, there is still some confusion as to what is going on and why.

Peabody Cruise is a way to bring new people into to Peabody on a regular basis. From spring to fall, motorcycle riders and vintage car owners enjoy taking their cars and bikes out on the road and spending a Sunday driving across parts of Kansas. “The ride is the thing” is a motto. It does not matter a whole lot where they go or what they see, just so they get out and ride. The Flint Hills are a popular spot to visit and an open picturesque area in which to ride. Each season is different. Communities in and around the Flint Hills welcome riders with open businesses, food vendors, music, a chance to catch up with other riders, and sometimes a church service or special event.

It is not part of the plan for all drivers and riders to appear by 8 a.m. and stay until 2 p.m. The cruise is a come-and-go occasion offering those taking part a chance to take a break, have some food, visit a place they may not have seen before, and see friends with like interests. Those that were here in June may not come back at all this year, or they may decide to visit again to see what we look like in the fall.

It takes some time to establish a community as a point of interest on a cruise day. Those who participate are generally professional people who spend their workweek in a metropolitan area. They have money to spend and an interest in seeing different parts of the state when a weekend rolls around. “The ride is the thing.” They may spend 10 minutes here or they may sit in the shade of Santa Fe Park for the church service and musical entertainment, spending an hour or two.

There has been some discussion about the series of “Quiet” signs on several corners within a block of Peabody churches. The signs are a signal to motorcyclists not to rev their engines in those areas because of their proximity to our churches. It lets riders know there are congregations worshiping nearby — a simple solution, huh?

Everyone is invited to come downtown and visit with our visitors, look over bikes and vintage cars, and enjoy the day. There are some unique food offerings and several businesses will be open to shoppers. Make it a point to welcome the cruisers. You never can tell when a friendly welcome will bring people back another time. Cruisers will go somewhere because “the ride is the thing.” We might as well encourage them to come back here and support what we have available on a nice Sunday morning in spring, summer, or fall.


Last modified July 22, 2015