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The dust of everyday life

Peabody Main Street and Partners for Peabody Parks (POPPs) will host monthly concerts, the “Sleepy Creek Concert Series,” in Peabody to support local parks.

The first will be by the Medicine River Boys performing a concert at 6 p.m. Sunday in Santa Fe Park.

Funds from the concerts will go to several causes including beautifying Peabody’s parks, establishing a memorial of some kind to recognize donations to the parks, and eventually a public restroom in Santa Fe Park.

Peabody has a wonderful foundation for supporting the arts. The town’s history reflects decades of musical talent and performers. The Sleepy Creek Concert Series will fit in with community musical groups that have gone before.

“Blacksmiths, painters, and sculptors may be a little way down the line,” said Peabody Main Street Interim Director Shane Marler. “But music has a tradition locally and it is a good way to get started. Can you honestly say you know anyone who just flat doesn’t like music?

“We all have the passion to create, be captivated, and find beauty in expression,” he added. “The arts enrich our lives. They tap our emotions and have a direct line to our soul.”

According to Americans for the Arts, the national arts industry generates $134 billion annually in economic activity and supports nearly 5 million jobs. A little closer to home, arts are responsible for $23.7 million in local activity in Salina.

“I know people think, well Salina is a lot bigger,” said Marler. “But if you break it down to population vs. activity, Peabody would be on pace to generate nearly $1 million in local economic activity.”

“That would fix a lot of potholes,” he added.

An underlying goal is community togetherness, people of Peabody collectively enjoying an event. Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away the dust of everyday life.”

The community is invited to join Peabody Main Street and POPPs at Santa Fe Park Sunday to enjoy good tunes, good food, and good folks.

Last modified Sept. 24, 2008