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That was a good week

By the time you read this, we all will know whether or not our 8-1 Warrior football team has advanced to regional play. I am not a football person. I don’t understand the game — never did. And I never had sons, so it figured I really had no need to be all about it. Back in The Daughters’ high school days, I was usually horrified to see their male friends and classmates get sacked, pummeled, or piled on. I was glad I was not a football mom.

I still have little understanding for the sport, but I am always glad when the kids on the team have a good year. It must be an exciting time for them, their parents, coaching staff, and fellow students.

So whatever happened the night before we went to press with this issue, and whatever the PBHS football team’s status is as you read this column, I have to say that it has been fun to read and hear of the mighty Peabody-Burns Warriors in this fall of 2013. I don’t know how long it has been since our students had a run like this, but it has been awhile. Enjoy your season, guys. You have done well!


Football interfered a bit with the downtown Halloween celebration this past week. The weather was great once again and about the same number of children showed up for the event, but Peabody Main St. sponsors thought there were fewer decorated vehicles this year, probably because of the football game at Lebo.

Synthetic Resources pulled a large enclosed cargo truck in front of their Pretty Good Twine office and when the back overhead door was raised, the trailer body was filled with hay bales, product samples, and dead trees wrapped in spider webs and twinkly lights. It was perfect place to take a child’s picture, but there weren’t many children willing to crawl up and pose for their parents’ camera. Candy was available from a large metal bowl, but the display was deliciously scary and grabbing a couple of pieces of candy was a badge of honor.

The prize for best display went to Trisha Williamson of Hillsboro, installed under a tent in a gypsy costume. She displayed containers of candy and treats identified as creepy potions, pests, and parts. Trisha won $100 in Peabody Bucks.

One of the more popular trunks was, once again, the Peabody Township Library Board giving out free children’s books. Youngsters came away excited to own a hardback book of their very own. Terrific idea by the library board!


There are a few things about my car shopping experience that I intend to share with my six regular readers. I assume they have more sympathy for me than the rest of you. However, that column will have to wait for just awhile — this week I am engaged in a search for the button to reset the clock and get myself out of Daylight Saving Time. This one is a challenge, but I expect I will either conquer it or spend the next several months mentally dropping an hour every time I go somewhere.

Perhaps this is how I will stay mentally alert until we “spring forward” once again.


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