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Take a lesson from Middle East

We, Americans, tend to take many of our freedoms for granted — the ability to come and go as we please; traveling from one city, state, and even country to another, and the freedom to choose jobs we want to work, where we live, and those we want to elect to public offices.

How many elections have there been in Marion County and hardly anyone voted? How about those times when there were no candidates to fill positions.

We think, “Oh, well. That’s just the way it is.”

There are no elections in the county right now but I was reminded of our apathy while reading and watching national news coverage of elections in Afghanistan.

There are people in that country who are willing to die for the right to choose their councilmen and president.

Would we be willing to do the same?

I would be willing to bet that most Marion County voters are 60 years old and older. What’s going to happen when those people no longer are able to vote? Will there be anyone participating?

Some younger people vote in every election. Good for them. But there are more who do not. Many have never voted, and they are in their 30s and 40s.

What’s going to happen when few show up to vote and few care about what’s going on with our lawmakers?

Unfortunately, unwelcome changes could be made on state and national levels because we don’t care enough to pay attention. We could end up living in a country similar to Afghanistan — with few rights.

This can’t happen to us, can it? I sincerely hope not but we have to be diligent in staying aware of legislators and decision makers. Electing competent people to serve on every level of government is the first step.

Don’t worry. I’ll remind you again to get involved and vote when election time rolls around.

— susan berg

Last modified Aug. 27, 2009