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Tabor College to add performing arts building

Staff writer

Faith stories, fine dining, and moving music were topped with an announcement from Tabor College President Jules Glanzer on Friday at the President’s Dinner that the college was in a “leadership” phase of building a performing arts extension to the Wolgemuth Music Education Center.

“It is time we reclaim the arts for Christ,” Glanzer said. “They need a home on our campus.”

Glanzer showed those in attendance a preliminary blueprint of plans for two additional levels to be built on top of the current Wolgemuth building. The plans included an auditorium, vocal and instrumental practice rooms, classroom space, and an extensive lobby that could also be used for performances.

“We will be starting a signature campaign to finance this project,” Glanzer said. “Yes, we need a lot of signatures, but God is smiling down on us.”

Glanzer indicated that Tabor College would be expanding use of online classes in the future, creating community particularly in theological and ministry quest programming.

“We are growing in curb appeal,” Glanzer said. “We’ve had record enrollment in the past two years and we have 175 students graduating this year. We have never had anything close to that before.”

Glanzer said Tabor staff and faculty members were committed to helping their students succeed.

“Tabor graduates want to make the world a better place,” he said. “Y’all come — we’ll help.”

Special guests at the President’s Dinner, catered by Pioneer Food Service and served by softball team members, included Presidential Scholars, retiring teachers Judy Harder and Doc Kyle, Wilmer H. Harms, and many donors and supporters of the college.

Last modified May 2, 2013