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Susan Marshall writes annual letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I can hardly believe that another year has passed, and it is time to write to you again. I have good news for you this year. As you know, I have had only two things on my wish list in my previous letters — world peace and a blue sweater. Well, what do you know, Santa? The Youngest Daughter found me the perfect blue sweater in 2010 and I am still thrilled to have it. So world peace is the only thing on my personal list this year. That ought to simplify things for you and the elves!

I was going to ask if you could seed the clouds on your trip around the world and perhaps bring us some much needed rain or snow sometime soon. However, you won’t believe how much moisture we have acquired in the past 24 hours. And more is expected. Santa, it is almost as if you can read my mind! If you had anything to do with that weather pattern, we surely are grateful. But please be careful on Christmas Eve if the skyways are icy.

Peabody has gained several new businesses this year and if you could provide the owners with savvy business instincts and a plethora of customers who appreciate their efforts, I think they could be a boost for our community’s economy. And you know we could use that, Santa! If you see any lonesome businesses on your travels or places that seem to need a home, please give their names to my son-in-law, old What’s His Name. He would surely know where they might fit into the Peabody business landscape and we would be glad to have them.

I want to ask a special favor for some friends of mine who might not know you are leaving them gifts. The reason they might not know is because they are likely hibernating. Yes, Santa, you guessed it, I would like for you to leave some really good treats for the red fox family living in the wooded area behind our auction warehouse. If you are really quiet, I think you could leave them treats and not disturb their slumber. They probably sleep pretty soundly since the trains that move through the area don’t seem to rouse them and you know how loud those trains are! When I wrote about the fox clans in this column during the summer, you cannot believe how much fan mail they got, Santa. So please bring them some goodies. I would like for them to hang around so that I can write about them again. Thank you for that.

Santa, I know there are many people in our community who make an extra effort to help those who need a helping hand. We have great volunteers for our schools, churches, emergency services, youth, and senior citizen organizations, as well as those who contribute to quality of life issues in Peabody. I am sure they don’t ask for much since they are more like to give than to receive. If you can think of a way to let them know how much we appreciate all they do, we all would be grateful.

And Santa, I am not sure if you know this, but a number of Peabody families have lost loved ones this year. I don’t know if it is so, but the number of families left behind seems larger than usual. If there is an extra measure of peace and consolation for them, please leave them that comfort. One of the best things about staying for a long time in a town like ours is the friendship of the wonderful individuals that pass through our lives. It might help if we had a reminder of those many folks we knew and enjoyed. I will leave that solution to you, Santa.

As always, whatever you can provide for those who need the most is greatly appreciated, Santa. No one can ask for more than that. Have a safe trip and be sure to take time to enjoy the treats all the children leave for you and the reindeer!

— Susan Marshall

Last modified Dec. 22, 2011