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Support is important

It’s not easy taking another person’s place. It’s particularly not easy to take the place of Donna Bernhardt.

As most know, Donna was more than a boss to me. First and foremost, she is my friend.

It all started what seems like an eternity ago when Matt Newhouse was still at the Record. He and I had been friends for several years. I’m not exactly sure how it all came about but I think Matt had something to do with Donna and I spending time together, and then she and I becoming good friends.

I have always admired Donna’s ability to stay calm when the world around her crumbled. She has the patience of Job and the wisdom of Saul.

I, on the other hand, can be a rather demanding person who has to really work hard on being patient. And wisdom is not a part of any description I’ve ever heard of me.

No doubt, I have my work cut out for me but the reason I’m not running, screaming into the night is because of the staff at Hoch Publishing.

The staff is the reason I took the job.

When Joan and Eric Meyer approached me about taking the reins of the three weekly newspapers and I had made the decision to do it, I knew that it was possible for me to do it because of the loyal, dedicated, and experienced staff.

Donna talked about those staff members in her editorial in last week’s paper and what she said is true.

This newspaper is what it is today because of these people and past employees.

There will be misspelled names and other errors that will occur. All I ask is that you have some patience and give me chance.

Just like the employees at Hoch Publishing, I’ll give it all that I’ve got, and then some.

— Susan berg

Last modified Oct. 15, 2008