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Super Swimmers finish 4th at Abilene

Four swim teams competed Saturday at Abilene. The Peabody Super Swimmers placed fourth with 269.5 points. Lindsborg won the meet with 479.5 points. Abilene was second with 422, and Marion was third with 343. The Super Swimmers will compete next at home against Abilene and Solomon.

Top three finishers by event included:


8 and younger

100-meter medley relay: 2. Christopher Spencer, Thomas Craig, Kael Hutchison, and Jefferson Glover.

25-meter butterfly: 1. Glover.

25-meter backstroke: 1. Glover.

25-meter freestyle: 1. Glover.

100-meter freestyle relay: 2. Hutchison, Craig, Spencer, and Glover.

9 and 10

100-meter medley relay: 2. Corbin Marple, Lukas Spencer, Hunter Navrat, and Josh Bergman.

25-meter butterfly: 1. Noal Reynolds, 2. Johnathan Glover.

25-meter freestyle: 3. Reynolds.

100-meter freestyle relay: 1. Navrat, Glover, and Reynolds.

100-meter individual medley: 3. Alex Young.

13 and 14

50-meter backstroke: 2. Austin Reynolds

50-meter freestyle: 3. Reynolds.

50-meter breaststroke: 1. Reynolds.

15 through 18

100-meter freestyle: 2. Nicholas Preheim.

100-meter medley relay: 2. Austin Reynolds, Jaydin Hutchison, and Preheim.

50-meter butterfly: 2. Preheim.

50-meter backstroke: 1. Preheim.

50-meter freestyle: 3. Preheim.

50-meter breaststroke: 2. Preheim.

100-meter freestyle relay: 2. Reynolds, Hutchison, and Preheim.

100-meter individual medley: 2. Preheim.


8 and younger

25-meter butterfly: 2. Janessa Sutton.

9 and 10

25-meter breaststroke: 3. Lexi Davis.

11 and 12

100-meter medley relay: 3. Jane Timm, Hadlye Clark, and Kaete Johnson.

13 and 14

100-meter medley relay: 3. Kallie Hutchinson, Adriana Newman, Kayla Page, and Raegan Schreiber.

50-meter breaststroke: 3. Schreiber.

100-meter freestyle relay: 3. Page, Newman, Hutchison, and Schreiber.

15 through 18

100-meter medley relay: 3. Mackenzie Young, Anna Lubbers, Lily Harris, and Mallory Harris.

50-meter backstroke: 3. Young.

50-meter breaststroke: 3. Lubbers.

100-meter freestyle relay: 2. Young, April Newfield, L. Harris, and M. Harris.

100-meter individual medley: 3. M. Harris.

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