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Summer is reading time

Staff writer

Every organized library in the county has a summer reading program. Several have introduced new ideas.

At Marion City Library, 60 children are enrolled in a program called “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten.”

The program began in January and is open to children from birth to 5. Checked out at the library, books are read to children by their parents, siblings, or others.

The program is ongoing, and children can be enrolled at any time. They have until kindergarten to complete 1,000 books.

For every 100 books read to a child, the child get a prize.

By last week, 33 children had completed 100 books, 20 had completed 200 books, six had completed 300 books, and one had completed 400 books.

Marion also has a summer reading program for children ages pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Children will be given prizes as their reading goals are met.

In keeping with this summer’s theme, Libraries Rock, Florence Public Library is putting out 10 to 12 colored rocks throughout the town every week. Whoever finds a specially-labeled rock can bring it to the library for a prize.

Children of reading age are being encouraged to sign up to read books by authors whose names begin with each of the letters of the alphabet. They have three months to read 26 books. Those who complete the program will win an “awesome” prize, according to librarian Mary Jane Grimmett.

At Peabody, anyone birth through adult will have a chance to win prizes for completing a reading program that began Friday and will continue through July 31.

Children from birth up to pre-kindergarten whose parents sign them up will receive a board book. Parents will need to read to them for 50 five-minute blocks of time. Children who complete the program will have a chance to win a musical jigsaw puzzle.

The reading requirement will be the same for children in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. They will receive a picture book for signing up and a chance to win a musical jigsaw puzzle.

Children in grades one through three are being asked to read 10 books. They will receive a personal pizza for signing up and have a chance to win two tickets to Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

Fourth through sixth graders will receive a glitter recorder for signing up. They will be required to read a book and write a summary about it. They will have a chance to win a large pizza and drink donated by a local market for themselves and a friend.

Youths in seventh through 12th grades will receive key chains for signing up. They will be required to read a book and write a critique about it, stating why or why not someone should read the book. They will have a chance to win two tickets to the movie, “Chisholm Trail.”

Adults who sign up will have the same goals. The grand prize drawing will be a manicure donated by a local beautician.

“All books must come from Peabody Township Library,” librarian Roger Charles said. “We hope it will get them reading before school starts. We’re hoping to do it again in spring before school lets out.”

Children three years old through fifth grade began signing up for reading classes June 1 at Hillsboro Public Library for a fee of $4. The first class will be tomorrow. Others will be June 28 and July 5 and 12. The classes will include other activities, including crafts.

Children who can’t make it to classes can enroll in an independent program, with prizes for reaching reading goals.

A free independent program is available for toddlers, ages 18 months to 2 years, and also for adults.

At Goessel Public Library, readers can choose either the number of books (5 to 25), pages (500 to 2500), or minutes (250 to 1,250) to read.

All books read from May 21 to Aug. 6 will count toward reading goals.

After reading the agreed upon number of books, pages, or minutes, the reader’s name will be entered into a grand prize drawing with an additional chance to win for each additional five books, 500 pages, or 150 minutes of reading.

Library director Laura Dailey said more than 120 children came to June 13 activities.

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