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Sub-state, squirrel food, and spring forward

It is my understanding that our high school basketball teams rolled out some exciting performances this past week or so and slapped a couple of sub-state tournament heart-stoppers into the win column. Aren’t those fun? Even if the season came to a halt in Moundridge for both teams, the kids, coaches, parents, and fans probably had a pretty fine time getting there.

And, yes, it’s over and some other teams are moving on to state, but what a nice run for the Warriors.

Many of us who fall into the “old and wise” category often tell our teenagers to enjoy their high school years. We say that these years are the best of their lives. Sometimes that is true and sometimes it is just so much drivel. However, the excitement of a game well-played, the win pulled out in the last seconds, really does remain a terrific memory for the kids who played it and the fans who watched it. Congratulations to all!


My favorite local grocery store has an empty spot on the shelf where the birdseed preferred by my birds used to be stacked. The piled-up snow of two blizzards must have moved other shoppers to purchase the good stuff for their feathered friends. I should have stocked up. I ran out Saturday and found the shelves bare except for some large bags of black sunflower seeds. The label said my birds would love it.

However, the label said nothing about the bossy squirrel that rules the yard loving it as well. He has been ruthless in his attempts to devour every kernel. Sunday I watched him hang upside-down for nearly 30 minutes, eating as fast as he could and chattering (with his mouth full) whenever another squirrel invaded his territory.

He finally left, pushing off against the feeder and setting it swinging, scattering black sunflower seeds across the snow. The birds finally swooped in for their chance and before another half hour was up, the feeder was empty. Before long, I heard the squirrel scolding from the tree branch. I looked out the window and he was facing the house, giving me the riot act because the feeder was empty. Cheeky little rodent!


My calendar says that in the early hours this Sunday, we will move into Daylight Saving Time. Do we spring forward and fall back or do we fall forward and spring back? I usually have to wait for the multi-sectioned newspaper from the large metropolitan city to the south to print the little clock face on the front page to let me know for sure.

However, we can always hope that Melvin, guru of our graphic designs, will have a little clock face for our own front page as well. Melvin is pretty good about such things. Have a glorious spring!


Last modified March 7, 2013