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Students to perform "Godspell, Jr."

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Peabody-Burns High School students will “prepare ye, the way of the Lord” this weekend as they perform their spring musical “Godspell, Jr.”

The musical, which is based on teachings and parables found in the Gospel of Matthew, features characters who team up with Jesus to teach his lessons through stories and songs.

Jesus will be played by Thomas Scott, while Breanna Lett tackles two roles: John the Baptist and Judas.

“It’s been a great time getting to know each other,” director Laura Leitnaker said. “We’re having a really good time with it.”

Leitnaker said she chose the musical due to its popularity when it first premiered in 1971.

“A lot of the songs became very popular after the musical hit Broadway, and they’re really fun songs,” Leitnaker said. “The kids enjoy them all and got into it because of the music.”

Leitnaker said that the audience can expect a great story and to learn lessons throughout the musical. They can also expect good music and an enthusiastic cast.

“It’s really nice to have kids who are so excited about it,” Leitnaker said. “They go home and practice, and they go to the band room and practice even when we aren’t having rehearsals. It’s been really great.”

Not only has the cast been getting experience performing, but they have also gained experience behind the scenes, as they are also in charge of helping with their props and costumes.

Leads Thomas and Breanna have both been involved in various other productions, and are both looking forward to the performances.

“I think it’s something the family can come and watch and everyone can have fun watching it,” Breanna said.”

“It’s an interesting take on the original ‘Godspell’,” Thomas said. “It’s kind of like a ’60s version so there’s a lot of tie-dye.”

Performances will be at 7 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday in Brown Gymnasium.

Tickets are available by contacting Leitnaker or any cast member, and cost $4 for children and seniors and $5 for adults. Prices for tickets will go up by $2 at the door.

Last modified March 8, 2017