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Students enter McPherson math competition

More than 440 high school students, including 51 from Marion County schools, competed in the sixth annual MC2 math competition Nov. 30 at McPherson College.

Marion High School senior Andrew Kjellin said the socializing and competition with students from other schools made math more enjoyable than a typical classroom experience.

“It makes it more fun,” he said. “I get bored doing homework. It makes it more interesting knowing that you got it right and someone else got it wrong.”

Peabody-Burns High School math teacher Brian Lightner took 12 students to the event for the first time. He said he hoped the experience would help students interested in math realize that it isn’t unusual and math can be enjoyable.

“Sometimes they surprise themselves,” he said. “I don’t put any expectations on them — just come and have fun.”

Competitors from Marion County schools were:

Goessel High School

Nicki Bartel, Josh Booth, Nate Bray, Erin Brubaker, Nic Buller, Joe Campbell, Nathan Czarnowsky, Kellen Froese, Heath Goertzen, Stephan Goertzen, Jeff Hall, Reece Hiebert, Johanna Hoffman, D’Ambra Kruger, Kevin Moon, Mark Schmidt, Dan Smucker, Drake Sterk, Keenan Stultz, Gentry Thiesen, Braden Unruh, Ben Wiens, and Aaron Woelk.

Marion High School

Isaac Baldwin, Caroline Collett, Jennifer Fruechting, Spencer Fugitt, Dylan Goebel, Elizabeth Goentzel, Colten Johnson, Andrew Kjellin, Wiley Lundy, Ryan Nelson, Beth Nesser, Justin Rahe, Erin Regnier, Zach Robson, Kaelyn Thierolf, and Annie Whitaker.

Peabody-Burns High School

Brandee Burnett, McKenzie Ensminger, Matt Hiebert, Sarah Hofkamp, Brody Kyle, Bethany Loucks, Jessica Noble, Zach Preheim, Matt Scott, Wes Shaw, Seth Topham, and Amy Wedel.

Last modified Dec. 8, 2011