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Stepping in with ease

Home care director will wear two hats

Managing editor

It is a natural fit for Janet Herzet, Marion County Home Care Director, to also assume the duties of director of resident services at St. Luke Living Center.

When longtime director Debbie Craig decided to step down, it was determined that Herzet would be the logical choice.

After all, Herzet has been in the health care profession for nearly 25 years, been director of home care services for a majority of those years, and certainly was qualified for the position.

Another benefit for the living center is Herzet is a registered nurse, thus eliminating the need for another person to serve as director of nursing.

“We’ve been working closely together for several months, preparing for this transition,” Herzet said, referring to her training from Craig.

“It’s a good fit for Janet to step into the position,” Craig said. “We have both had similar philosophies of care.”

Herzet began serving in her dual position Feb. 16. Since that time, staff members in the home care department have taken on extra duties but Herzet still oversees that department.

Since the long-term unit co-locates with St. Luke Hospital, the director of the living center does not have to be licensed as a nursing home director.

“I will continue to receive training and will maintain the necessary continuing education classes,” Herzet said.

As a home care professional, Herzet has overseen a department that specializes in providing and assisting with health, lifestyle, and nutrition needs of Marion County people, mostly elderly.

“Long-term care regulations of course are more stringent than home care regulations,” Herzet explained. State officials survey long-term care units annually and home care agencies are surveyed every three years.

Combining services of the two departments is not that much of a stretch and the option had been discussed.

“It helps both departments become more efficient,” Craig said.

For St. Luke Living Center residents and families, there will not be a noticeable change. There still will be a health care professional serving their needs and putting residents and clients first.

“Providing quality care and maintaining a high quality of life are my top priorities,” Herzet said.

Last modified March 11, 2009