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Starving, dead dogs lead to cruelty charges

Staff writer

Katrina Kea and Thomas Paquette, who live at the same Peabody address, were charged Thursday with animal cruelty after dead and starving dogs were found at their residence.

Peabody police were summoned by neighbors Sept. 6 to check the condition of two dogs in a kennel. One was barking. The other was on the ground, not moving. The neighbors complained also about a foul odor.

Police found no food in the kennel and a five-gallon water bucket lying empty on the ground.

“One had already died and the other was in poor condition,” county attorney Joel Ensey said. “So they took the dog in poor condition to the vet to be cared for. The vet was able to bring the dog back.”

The surviving dog was starved enough that his bones clearly showed, Ensey said. Police took the dog to Countryaid Vet Services in Whitewater.

Countryaid was able to nurse the dog back to health.

Peabody police also found a dog skeleton in a doghouse in the kennel.

Although the charges are misdemeanors and ordinarily would have been tried in Peabody Municipal Court,

Peabody officials asked Ensey to prosecute because of the severity of the incident.

If convicted, the pair could be sentenced to 12 months in jail and ordered to pay a $2,500 fine and the bill for Countryaid Vet Services.

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