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Spate of grass fires keeps county firefighters busy

Not only did a March 19 controlled burn rekindle and destroy a county bridge, and a March 22 controlled burn get so out of hand as to consume 240 acres of grassland, county firefighters have been kept busy with several other grassland fires over the past several days.

March 22

While most county firefighters battled a blaze March 22 near 270th and US-56/77, Peabody firefighters spent 40 minutes helping Walton firefighters fight a grass fire at US-50 and Oliver Rd.


Trees burning at Peabody Lakeside Country Club were brought under control within two hours Thursday afternoon by Peabody firefighters.

A grass fire at 340th and Jade Rds. was extinguished in a little more than an hour by Tampa and Durham firefighters.


An out-of-control grass fire started by landowners Friday morning near 220th and Sunrise Rds. but not reported as a controlled burn was extinguished within an hour by Marion firefighters.

Marion firefighters were sent back to the fire in the afternoon when it rekindled. It was extinguished within 45 minutes.


Marion firefighters supervised a controlled burn near US-77 and 140th Rd. early Saturday afternoon.

Peabody firefighters supervised a controlled burn at 40th and Mustang Rds., then another along Mustang Rd. between 50th and 60th Rds.


Hillsboro firefighters monitored a controlled burn for two hours in the 1000 block of S. Wilson St. Monday morning, then a controlled burn on city property near US-56 and Kanza Rd. for 2½ hours Monday afternoon.

Later that afternoon, Hillsboro firefighters fought a controlled burn that grew out of control at 210th and Kanza Rds. Although the fire was extinguished within 15 minutes, Hillsboro firefighters remained on the scene for another 45 minutes.

Last modified March 29, 2023