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Some good things for kids

I hope all of you are aware of the plan to host a Trunk or Treat event downtown on Halloween night. The plan is for businesses, individuals, or clubs to make spooky business out of the trunk of a car, load it with candy and goodies, and park downtown in the 100 block of Walnut for a howling good time passing out candy to the kids. There is even a $100 prize for the best decorated trunk.

The Trunk or Treat theme has been used in several neighboring communities with great success. The block or two of activity is cordoned off to eliminate traffic on the street and the kids pretty much have the run of the place as they travel from trunk to trunk, collecting treats. Even after dark, if a child darts into the street he will be safe.

There is no hard and fast rule prohibiting trick-or-treating in the Peabody residential areas if parents want to continue that practice. Trunk or Treat is just a new twist to an old holiday and the hope is that there will be a lot of participation and the little spooks will have fun while being safe.

Bags for gathering up candy and treats have been purchased by Peabody Main Street and will be passed out to each child. The festivities start at 5 p.m. and last until 7. Children and teens younger than 18 must be off the streets by 8:30 p.m. Peabody police officers will enforce the special Halloween curfew set in place a few years ago to curtail vandalism.


Come Saturday of this week, a talented group of local ladies will host a quilt show and auction to raise money for improvements to the play ground area of the city park. The women of the Peabody Community Quilt Project will host a show at the Peabody-Burns Elementary School from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to give the public a chance to see the many items they have crafted during the past several years. There is no charge to attend. The quilt auction itself begins at 5 p.m.

If you have children or grandchildren who enjoy the equipment in the Gladys Hart area of the park, you might spend some time looking over the thousands of tiny stitches the women made in hopes of raising funds to support the playground for years to come. Their dedication to the project is made all the more special because they have raised their own children and, in many cases, even their grandchildren are grown. Their stitching talents are providing playground equipment and upgrades for dozens of Peabody youngsters they will probably never know.

What a nice thing for our community. Stop by the quilt show and thank them, then come to the auction and make a purchase. They have done a wonderful thing for Peabody children and deserve the support of all of us.


The other thing you need to do for your children is vote on Nov. 6. It is important that they see you participate in the process to elect the people who will influence their lives. Go to the polls and vote!


Last modified Oct. 24, 2012