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Skunks on the move -- be alert!

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke warns Peabody residents that there have been some daylight skunk sightings, which pose a potential danger for citizens and domestic pets.

“Skunks are nocturnal animals so it is not unusual to see them out at dusk or after dark,” Burke said. “But anyone who sees one out during the day is probably looking at a rabid animal and needs to call animal control immediately at (620) 381-3133.”

Burke noted the animals have entered their birthing season and thus are on the move more than usual.

“Healthy skunks still will keep their foraging activities limited to nighttime hours,” he said. “Residents need to be cautious though, if they see one out during the day. Keeping their own pets confined or chained also is a good idea and making sure rabies vaccinations are up to date is important.

“A rabid animal is certainly capable of attack if it feels threatened by a human being or a domestic pet,” Burke said. “People need to be sure and contact the animal control officer rather than trying to take care of any wild animal on their own.”

Last modified July 22, 2009