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Skiles responds to firing

The following letter, sent Saturday by fired city administrator Mark Skiles to Mayor David Mayfield, with copies to other officials, was made available to the Record:

Mayor David Mayfield,

Following the 3-2 City Council vote to terminate immediately my employment as Marion City Administrator last evening, I offer the following comments

1. I accept as final the decision of the City Council, as I did last night. I am admittedly somewhat disappointed in being asked for my keys on the spot, and not being even allowed to clean out my office of my personal effects.

2. I note that the City Attorney was not at the meeting, so I have no way of knowing what went on, or what was said, during the first closed session, and neither does anyone else. I intend to discuss the matter further with the city attorney, and perhaps also seek further counsel

3. I also note that no agreement for close-out was discussed in open session, including the terms of my exit. I have an employment contract with the City, and there is a reason for such contract.

4. My contract calls for a six-month severance package, which includes both pay and benefits to be continued for those six months. I expect the City to comply with all the contract terms related to my dismissal. I expect to be paid and to have my health insurance extended. The manner in which I will be paid the severence (lump-sum or on the current schedule, etc.) would be one item to be discussed and settled

5. I expect to be paid for the 48 hours of accrued vacation time and the 35.75 hours of comp time shown on my 12/28 paystub

6. It appears that a formal severance agreement is in order

Obviously, I will be facing a ‘restart’ with my life, and life’s expenses go on, which include moving expenses — as I now have no job in Marion. To that end, I hope, and trust, that we can mutually resolve all contract and financial issues quickly and without rancor

Mark Skiles

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