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Sixth grade students respond to editorial

Dear Mrs. Marshall:

I am very angry that people would vandalize in our community. It may be small, but it’s where we live. We also use the sport complexes that are getting vandalized.

In my opinion teens 14-18 don’t realize when they vandalize something they not only get in trouble, but their parents have to pay money to get it fixed.

When someone vandalizes Christmas lights they do it just to seem cool and mighty. They need to know that all it does is waste money and ruin Christmas.

Security cameras are an idea to help catch vandals in town. If kids know they’re on tape they might not vandalize things.

Respect is a good way to stop vandalism. I mean, you live in this community so have respect for it!

That is my opinion of vandalism in Peabody. It has got to stop!!! For the good of the people and the community.

Good citizen,

Dear Mrs. Marshall:

I know you said there are some good kids in the community but it sounds like you’re blaming most of the little kids in the community. What I mean is it’s not just the kids, but what about the older kids and the parents? They are bigger and I am sure that they reach the roof or carry a ladder because I am sure that they can lift one. Either that or they got a smaller kid to climb up there for them.

What I think about the late night swim is that they don’t have a pool and they don’t want to pay for it and they were raised wrong by their parents.

I think that all the citizens of Peabody-Burns should respect other people and the property of the city. If they keep vandalizing there might not be a park anymore or a pool or a concession stand and if you keep vandalizing it would be your fault.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Mrs. Marshall:

When I read your letter in the paper, I was shocked. I agree with you. It is just wrong to vandalize our town. I do not know who does it or why. I am not one of those people.

Tearing down decorations or wrecking buildings, vandalizing parks and other places has got to stop! Someone or someones is wrecking our town, a place where people live.

We have a lot to be thankful for, from this town because we are so small and yet we have so much, we need to take care of it. I am asking the same question, why would people pull off roof tiles of the city bathrooms? Perhaps we should have that privilege taken away if we can’t handle it.

The kids that are doing this don’t understand they’re wrecking this town and wasting their parents’ money. Also tearing down decorations and pulling up plants and stealing things from a concession stand is wrong.

Please stop doing it. I want to make this town better.


Dear Mrs. Marshall:

I do not think it is sixth grade or under who vandalizes our town. I think that it is between freshmen and seniors. Why would sixth graders want to destroy Christmas lights? I still like to look at Christmas lights.

As for the bathroom, come on — it’s a bathroom. Who would want to vandalize a bathroom? Who would want to steal candy when you can go down to the store and buy some?

Please print (no name)

Dear Mrs. Marshall:

Why are you blaming us? I agree that people shouldn’t vandalize. Do you think we enjoy a trashy community? It’s not fun for us either.

I think that there should be police officers patrolling those locations. When the vandals strike again we can catch the vandals.

A good punishment is to make them clean up their messes and make the vandals pay for the damages they’ve caused.


Dear Mrs. Marshall:

I myself think that anyone who is loyal to the town would be outraged about what is happening in our town. I think it is disrespectful of the people who want to waste the town’s money by having us getting people to fix the things that the vandals are ruining. You’d think that everybody would like to live in a nice town, but I guess I am wrong.

Think that it is so right of you to let your opinion out. In my opinion we should have video cameras in every likely place likely to be vandalized. And I quote, “This has got to stop!”

I know that it would be expensive, but I think that if we all want to help this town become a better place we could at least get enough money to get a few cameras.

Just two or three cameras would change this town for the better.

Who are they to have us buy stuff and then ruin it?

It’s a waste of money for their parents to pay the taxes and extra money for the vandalism,

In the 10 Commandments it says, “Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s house.” So why do people not follow that commandment?

Jesus died so we would all have freedom. Do you think that this is what He wants in place of His life? NO! So why do we do stuff that will make God and Jesus mad?

There is no reason why people do these things and there needs to be someone putting an end to things.

So everybody needs to stop vandalizing and start helping each other now.


Dear Mrs. Marshall:

I agree 100 percent that this is destructive and it’s getting old. I don’t see the point of vandalizing. When you do something hateful like tearing the park up your parents are paying more taxes because you did something bad. I think a good citizen has to respect their community and not tear things up.


Dear Mrs. Marshall:

It makes me sad that someone would want to vandalize someone’s hard work. This community is very small, and we have a lot for a small town, so we should treat it with respect and not trash it. I’m not one of those people who would want to vandalize something like that. I think that someone who would want to vandalize someone’s hard work, whoever did vandalize is not a very smart person.


Dear Mrs. Marshall:

I believe you because someone stole my bike and I was mad. It’s wrong to vandalize this town.


Dear Mrs. Marshall:

Your letter makes me feel very concerned about our community and some people in it. I wouldn’t vandalize because it is very disrespectful. I think your letter will touch a lot of people. Let me tell you some of the things that make me angry.

When I heard some people tore up the flower beds at the park that made me furious. Because someone put hard work into that. If someone came into your room and tore it up, would you like that? So how do you think the person that planted those flowers felt? I think and some of my classmates think also, that it would more likely be the high schoolers. Because I don’t think we would be smoking. Which brings me to another point.

At the HUB, people were sitting in the street and throwing footballs, too. That blocks traffic. I mean, that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Leaving trash and stuff on the sidewalk in front of the HUB is disrespectful, also. Little kids from the elementary school go to the HUB too, and that teaches them that they can do that. Do you really want them to learn that and get them in trouble?

The community works hard to provide the HUB, why tear it up? I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to get across to some people that shouldn’t vandalize.

I’m sorry that some people have vandalized in the community. One of our classroom rules is don’t vandalize. If we do vandalize, we get sent to the office for a visit. So why vandalize out in the community?

I think that whoever vandalized should have to write a public apology. You don’t have to sign your name, and give it to the newspaper and let them publish it.

I’m sorry if I made anyone mad, but you shouldn’t vandalize!!!


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