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Seize this opportunity

Imagine thousands of visitors in our county for a weekend, looking for ways to spend their money.

And imagine that most of these people are from large cities, wanting to have a “rural experience,” complete with a bed and breakfast, arts and crafts, and homemade food.

Imagine no more.

This crowd of potential spenders will be coming to Marion County, specifically Florence, June 12-13, for the prelude to the Symphony in the Flint Hills.

For the past several years, this event has drawn thousands of tourists from around the state and country to rural locations to hear the Kansas City Symphony perform in a pasture with a blue sky and wildflowers as backdrops. This year’s symphony will be at a ranch near Cedar Point, actually in Chase County, but Florence will serve as a “host” community, providing activities for the out-of-towners Friday and Saturday, prior to the Saturday evening performance.

The symphony-goers and those who just want to be a part of the incredible experience will be looking for shopping experiences, food, entertainment, and other family-oriented fun.

Want to get involved?

Volunteer to help. Many bodies and brains will be needed to pull off this incredible adventure.

Signup your civic organization or youth group to sell bierrocks or funnel cakes.

Set-up a booth to sell your homemade jelly or paintings or move some of your antique, quilt, or craft store’s inventory to Florence.

Are you part of a group of musicians? Practice and perform.

Contact Teresa Huffman at the county economic development office for more information.

These types of opportunities do not come around very often. Take advantage of this one. When it’s gone, you’ll wished you had.

— susan berg

Last modified Jan. 14, 2009