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Save it for cleanup week

I have noticed recently that there are several residents who have hauled brush and limbs, appliances, and furniture to the curb of their property, waiting for our city workers or the refuse company employees to remove their cast off possessions. I wonder why they think that if they drag that stuff to the edge of their property and leave it there long enough, someone will take it away.

Sometimes I think they might be new to the community, but surprisingly enough, many are not new residents. One that I have noticed is even a former city employee. Wonder how he missed that memo?

I think that in Peabody we are pretty lucky to have two cleanup weeks every year when we can carry our junk to the curb and have someone pick it up. I am not too sure there are many small communities that still provide that kind of service for their residents. We should be grateful.

The fall cleanup is Oct. 7 to 12. That is the time to move all those sofas and appliances to the curb for pick up.

Leaving them at the edge of your property for weeks on end during the rest of the year just makes our neighborhoods look trashy. Either haul those things to the transfer station in Marion yourself or leave them under wraps until the designated cleanup week when the city will help you. Limbs and brush should be taken to the burn pit on S. Olive St.

While there is a nominal fee to dispose of items like tires or appliances with refrigerants during cleanup week, there is no charge to haul off the rest of it. You can’t beat a deal like that!

So instead of leaving your cast-offs out in your yard for weeks or months, save them for cleanup week removal. Please!


Last modified Aug. 28, 2013