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Rules change for spring cleanup

Staff writer

Peabody’s semi-annual cleanup day includes some changes this year according to Peabody City Clerk, Stephanie Lago.

“Again the city will work with our trash service provider, Waste Connections, to provide pickup service for residential customers whose trash bills are current,” Lago said. “Residents may begin moving items to the curb on Sunday, but curbside pickup won’t happen until April 29.

“This year there will be no roll-off dumpsters parked at the south end of Olive St. as there have been in the past, thus no chance for people to get rid of their large bulky items early,” she added. “Also, there are some restrictions about what Waste Connection will pick up from the curb.”

Accepted items will include small amounts of bundled brush or limbs cut to three foot lengths and bundled for easy pickup; furniture including chairs, sofas, and tables; general trash; patio grills, furniture, push mowers — free of gas and oil, lawn trimmers; and appliances such as stoves, washers, and dryers that do not contain refrigerants. Freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners, which do contain refrigerants, must have refrigerants removed and be accompanied by paperwork from a certified technician before they are picked up.

Waste Connections will make one pass through Peabody beginning at 7 a.m. April 29. All items to be collected should be on the curb before then.

Items at the curb should either be in Waste Connection trash carts or in throwaway containers, such as boxes or bags, capable of being handled by one person, no more than a 30-gallon capacity.

Items not accepted are car batteries, oil filters, fluorescent light bulbs, propane tanks, any asbestos materials, explosives, paint, hazardous liquids, and tires.

Many items that will not be collected at curbside may be taken from 8 to 11 a.m. April 30 to the Marion County Hazardous Waste mobile collection unit, which will be parked at the corner of Vine and First streets.

Household cleaners, paint, stripper, stain, batteries, soaps, auto products, and pesticides all are acceptable for delivery to the hazardous waste mobile unit.

“Any trash that is piled at curbside without being bundled, put into a disposable container, or a Waste Connection poly cart will not be picked up,” Lago said.

She also cautioned people who regularly pick through others’ throwaway items in hopes of finding something useable not to unpack what the resident has left for the trash crew.

“This is a service that is supposed to be advantageous to all Peabody residents. Going through someone else’s trash and leaving it scattered so that person doesn’t meet the guidelines for pickup may cause the city and Waste Connections to rethink the service,” she said.

Questions about specific rules or restrictions may be directed to the Peabody City Office at (620) 983-2174.

Last modified April 21, 2016