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Storm strips roof at Westview

News editor

Outside Westview Manor, pounding rain and swirling winds gusting to 75 miles per hour wreaked havoc Thursday, stripping shingles and underlayment from about half of the north wing roof.

“That part of the roof just flipped over and is laying on the other side of the roof, other than what blew out into the yard,” charge nurse Pam Collins said.

Roof decking stayed put. Inside the facility, a power outage and a few leaks kept the evening shift calmly busy.

“In the dark, I don’t think they had any clue what it looked like,” Collins said. “We didn’t have a very big staff at night, so there was a lot for them to do. I think there were three different people they took out of their rooms. We had some vacancies, so that worked out well. Really, it wasn’t very bad.”

Emergency lighting and flashlights came in handy as staff moved about the facility checking on clients and moving beds.

Without electricity, staff had to ensure portable oxygen units were available for clients who needed them. Exit alarms were inoperable, so frequent checks were performed to be sure everyone stayed inside. Through it all, they worked to keep clients calm.

“It didn’t seem like a negative experience for the clients at all,” Collins said. “You soothe the ones that are afraid of the dark. They kind of treat it like an adventure. They’re having fun; it’s like camping out.”

However, the extended power outage eventually affected an elderly male client. According to dispatch transmissions, at 5:14 a.m. he was reported to have high blood pressure and audible wheezing. He was transported by Florence ambulance to St. Luke Hospital.

Things were almost back to normal when Collins came into work Friday morning, she said, with one exception.

“Our clients are upset because their cable is out,” she said. “The roof blew over and knocked out two of the dishes.”

Saturday’s storm didn’t present any problems, as temporary coverings had been installed over the damaged roof areas. Plans were being made Monday to proceed with permanent repairs.

Last modified June 22, 2017