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Robson trades raise for assistance

News editor

County attorney Susan Robson decided she needed help more than a $6,000 raise, and commissioners Monday agreed to her request to divert the money to be used for hiring an assistant attorney.

“The way it is now, I don’t have anybody who can help me cover,” Robson said. “While a raise is nice and appreciated, having help would be even more appreciated.”

Robson cited increased case loads as a concern, as well as having adequate coverage to address unexpected needs that arise with little or no notice.

An assistant attorney could cover for things special prosecutors can’t, such as weekend issues, and would free Robson to be available more during Monday commission meetings, she said.

Commissioners already increased contractual funds by $5,000 for next year, and Robson would add $6,000 to go with it.

“Whoever I hire, we’ll try it out and see what happens,” she said. “I have someone in mind and they’re willing to do it.”

The change, which would be effective in January, was approved.

Commissioners appeared ready to put the brakes on a project to straighten the curve in Nighthawk Rd. at 130th Rd over concerns for Peabody water lines.

The lines supply Peabody’s water system, and Commissioner Randy Dallke was concerned about possible breaks in two locations where the revamped road would cross the lines.

“You’re going to build me a new road and you’re going to have two water lines running under it?” he said. “Man, I’m taking a shot, aren’t I? Middle of the night, that water line falls apart, the pressure it’s got under it without being encased is a pretty good danger.”

Bruce Boettcher of BG Consultants had asked commissioners to sign off on putting the proposal out to bid, and said a delay could be problematic.

“KDOT is expecting this to move forward,” Boettcher said. “We’re either going to leave it or modify it. I would like to get that done right away, but if you really want to tap the brakes and stop the process, it’s fine, I understand. It’s a big decision with KDOT involved.”

Several alternatives were discussed, but neither Dallke or Holub were willing to move ahead without input from Peabody.

“I think we need to be at the city council meeting and explain this, it’s their line,” he said.

Clerk Tina Spencer arranged for Dallke and Boettcher to get on the agenda for Peabody city council meeting Monday.

Commissioners approved moving forward with project bids after receiving assurances from Boettcher that they could halt the process if Peabody council had concerns that could not be addressed.

In other business:

  • Mike Beneke and Tim Donohue asked commissioners to consider three projects to improve drainage and safety on roads east of Lincolnville. Commissioners instructed roads supervisor Jesse Hamm to inspect the areas and evaluate options to address the stated concerns.
  • Health department director Diedre Serene requested permission to use a contractor at a rate of $50 per hour to conduct an estimated 20 home visits through December. Commissioners directed her to develop a plan that would pay a flat rate per visit, with lower rates for locations that would be closer to the contractor’s home.
  • Commissioners approved vacating a section of Goldenrod Rd. north of 285th Rd.

Last modified Nov. 10, 2015