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Rider from horse accident awaits MRI

Staff writer

Peggy Clark of rural Hillsboro, wanted to enjoy the cooler temperatures with a family horse ride Sunday evening. Instead, she found herself the center of a large contingent of emergency personnel working to prevent further injury after she fell off an unruly horse.

“We had five horses saddled up and ready to go,” said Linda Miller, Clark’s sister-in-law. “One of the horses was acting up a bit, so Peggy had Gary’s nephew dismount and she got on that one.”

The rider change did not settle the unruly horse.

“She bucked and started hopping around,” Miller said. “Peggy went forward but didn’t fall off right away as she was hugging the horse’s neck.”

A two-part fall left Clark with severe pain in her hips, pelvic area, and legs. Friends and family were very concerned about numbness on one side of her body so they called emergency services to the farm at 1348 Goldenrod Road.

“It was really quite an ordeal,” Miller said. “We had so many people out here, which was great, but we had first responders, an ambulance crew, the fire department, and then Eagle Med.”

Three year ago, Clark had plates and screws put in her neck, the aftermath of a car accident. Ambulance workers on the scene Monday worried that a bumpy ambulance ride might cause further injury to Clark’s neck and potential paralysis, especially considering her feelings of numbness, so they recommended the helicopter ride.

Miller said an initial CT scan and X-ray did not reveal a neck injury for Clark, but they were waiting to get an MRI on her neck later this week. She continues to wear a cervical collar.

“She is back home now, feeling super sore,” Miller said. “She cannot drive or work until we get the MRI done and there is still some concern about her neck.”

Miller said the family was thankful for the responses of emergency personnel.

Last modified Aug. 23, 2012