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Revitalization exemptions granted

Staff writer

Marion County Apraiser Cindy Magill asked for opinions from Marion County Commission on three separate neighborhood revitalization cases. Neighborhood revitalization provides tax breaks for builders. Under the 10-year program, a builder would receive 90 percent of taxes back on the specific piece of property and then that amount would decrease 10 percent every year.

Under the current five-year plan, neighborhood revitalization stops after 50 percent is returned.

The first was for Joe Silhan who had applied for the tax break on a home that is 96 percent complete. After going through a divorce, his estranged wife took all of the receipts from his house, he said. The commissioners decided that if he paid full taxes this next year that the program would start for the house, at 96 percent complete in 2013.

Commissioners denied neighborhood revitalization for one property owner with the house on the land 70 percent complete. The owners stopped responding to letters.

The commission approved that an agricultural building receive breaks under the condition that it either continues to receive breaks only under one program. A shed was outfitted with living quarters causing the owners to reapply.

In other business:

  • The commission advised Treasurer Jeannine Bateman to resend a few county checks that had never been cashed from 2010. There was more than $700 in money written off.
  • Clerk Tina Spencer informed the commission that no officers elected in the Lehigh Township. It is up to commissioners to appoint a trustee, treasurer, and clerk to oversee the budget of the township.
  • A special events permit was approved for Max VanArsdale to build a temporary asphalt plant in Florenceā€™s Rock quarry to use to pave US 77.

Last modified Jan. 24, 2013