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Reveling in our olden days

I had a nice experience this past weekend when the Married Daughter and about 10 like-minded friends were hosts again for a “Junkin’ Gypsy” sale of unusual merchandise at the warehouse next to the Burlington-Northern Santa Fe tracks where we used to hold estate auctions. “Junkin’ Gypsy” sales are held in conjunction with a motorcycle/car cruise on the fourth Sunday of every month.

Early on, the Peabody Cruise drew a small number of visitors, bike and car enthusiasts, and shoppers to town. However, the weather has cooperated, cruise numbers have escalated, and advertising and word-of-mouth have brought more and more visitors to monthly cruise weekends. Junkin’ Gypsy sellers have enjoyed the benefits of bringing like-minded vendors to one place on a regular schedule to help create a community event.

Peabody Dreamers group conceived the Peabody Cruise idea. They contacted vendors, businesses, vintage car clubs, motorcycle groups, and any local groups wanting to participate in a monthly activity good for the town. Congratulations to Peabody Dreamers for creating an experience that is becoming a popular monthly activity.

My experience this past weekend was a good one with vendors and customers attending the Junkin’ Gypsy sale. Quite a few who came through happened to be former auction customers and I got to renew old acquaintances and catch up with news of others that I have not seen in years.

We reminisced about great auctions and not-so-great auctions. We remembered well-loved antique dealers and collectors and the ones who were nothing but a headache at every sale. Almost every person with whom I reconnected had a story to share or a bit of news about someone who has passed from my life because of the different paths we have taken.

It was a fine two days of remembering the many good folks who came to Peabody on a regular basis to “bid and buy” from loaded hay wagons at the end of Walnut street.

There is no specific point to make about encounters such as these, except to say they are just another good page from the book of our lives when people from our past remain a pleasant connection.

I often hear grumbling about Peabody and what is not here, but I am satisfied that for the most part it has been a great place to be for me and my family. Was it perfect? Not by a long shot. However, it was good and I will never regret my time here.

Peabody Dreamers, thank you for creating an event that not only makes the community cash registers ring, but brings back old friends to share news, memories, and lots of laughter. Who would have thought?


Last modified Aug. 31, 2016