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Retirement isn't for everyone

Senior citizens group to recognize older workers

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With 58 years of experience, Bill Holdeman of Marion is the oldest working barber in Kansas, and he doesn’t sound like he has any plans on giving up that title in the near future.

“I never found anything in the Bible that says you’re supposed to retire,” Holdeman said. “And I’m the kind of guy who has to get up and do something.”

He said that at one time in his life, he thought it would be fun to retire and have more free time, but as he neared the age when many people retire, he found he didn’t even think about it.

Holdeman said he likes his job, likes being around people, and is always learning.

“Every time you cut a head of hair, you learn something,” he said.

Like Holdeman, Joyce Weinbrenner of Hillsboro enjoys going to work every day as director of food service at Salem Home even after all these years.

“I love my job, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be working,” she said.

She worked in the kitchen for a summer in 1976 and returned in 1977. Between then and 1983, she worked every possible job in the kitchen. In 1983, she was asked to run the kitchen temporarily, while a long-term director was sought.

“Six months later they said, ‘You know what you need to do the job. If you would like to have the job, it’s yours,’” Weinbrenner said.

She said she feels like God put her where she belongs. She enjoys working with residents and patients, and every day is different. Having a great group of coworkers makes the job a lot easier, too.

“I think the greatest asset of my department is to have a quality staff behind me,” she said.

Senior Citizens of Marion County Inc. will recognize Weinbrenner, Holdeman, and seven other senior citizens as “Outstanding Older Workers” at the organization’s annual meeting on Thursday at Marion Senior Center.

The other honorees are:

  • Mae Deane Blankley, Peabody.
  • Shirley Carlson, Marion.
  • Sue Gutsch, Lincolnville.
  • May Hebrank, Hillsboro.
  • Verla Redger, Hillsboro.
  • Avis Bergman, Durham.
  • Beverly Seger, Hillsboro.

Last modified Oct. 20, 2011