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Results of county election include provisional ballots

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After 172 provisional ballots were counted and the election canvassed by Marion County Commission, the 2008 general election remained one of the best regarding voter turnout.

Seventy-five percent of county registered voters went to the polls, including 11 percent voting in advance.

Although the county supported Senator John McCain, Senator Barack Obama was the country’s favorite, winning the U.S. Presidential election.

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts and U.S. Representative of District 1 Jerry Moran soundly defeated their opponents in the county and across their respective districts, retaining their seats.

State Senator of District 35 Jay Emler also soundly defeated opponent Cynthia K. Nelson in Marion County and in his district.

A chart accompanies this story with voting numbers from each township and city precinct for U.S. President, U.S. Senator, Marion County Commissioners District 2 and District 3, Marion County Sheriff, and the bond issue for a new county jail and increased sales tax.

For unopposed candidates, here are the following results with the total number of votes from all county voters.

County attorney Susan Robson (R), 4,986; county clerk Carol A. Maggard (R), 5,404; register of deeds Jo A. Ottensmeier, (R), 5,257; and county treasurer Jeannine Bateman (R), 5,368.

There were three questions on the ballot. The first was regarding a new county jail and a one percent sales tax to pay for bonds.

The second question was to eliminate intangible taxes which voters approved, 3,348 to 2,153.

A third question was for voters in USD 410 (Hillsboro, Durham, Lehigh) which changed boundaries of board members. That issue also passed, 1,118 to 679.

Marion County District Court Judge Michael F. Powers was retained with 4,107 voting yes and 1,105 voting no.

Township officers

Positions of trustees and treasurers were open for election with some being filled and others not.

Each township could elect one trustee and one treasurer with many positions filled by write-in votes. There are no required minimum votes in the general election.

Some positions were tied with the same number of votes for more than one write-in candidate. Those ties will be broken by the county commission at Monday’s commission meeting.

Following are the results.

Blaine Township

Trustee: Tom Duggan, Russell Kerbs, and Don Mueller, all write-ins, three-way tie with two votes each.

Treasurer: Kris Srajer, incumbent, and Don Mueller, write-in, two-way tie with two votes each.

Catlin Township

Trustee: Graeme Glaser, write-in, incumbent, eight.

Treasurer: Diane Glaser, write-in, incumbent, eight.

Centre Township

Trustee: Jon W. Thole, incumbent, 268.

Treasurer: Leroy Kraus, incumbent, 271.

Clark Township

Trustee: Paul Meysing, incumbent, 75.

Treasurer: Edward P. Vinduska, write-in, incumbent, four.

Clear Creek Township

Trustee: Dawn Kaiser, write-in, incumbent, 10.

Treasurer: Marcus Carlson (WI), incumbent, 10.

Doyle Township

Trustee: Jeffrey Inlow, 20.

Treasurer: Kathy Inlow, incumbent, 21.

Durham Park Township

Trustee: Gordon Christiansen, incumbent, 102.

Treasurer: Glennon Crowther, incumbent, 87.

East Branch Township

Trustee: Jan O’Neil, Michael Paxon, Melvin Rosfeld, Myron Voth, and Lewis Unruh, all write-ins, each received one vote.

Treasurer: Keith Goossen, write-in, incumbent, two.

Fairplay Township

Trustee: Charles D. DeForest, incumbent, 74.

Treasurer: Clifford Jay Hett, incumbent, 76.

Gale Township

Trustee: Garry Vogel, write-in, incumbent, six.

Treasurer: Marvin Meisinger, incumbent, 102.

Grant Township

Trustee: Lorita Siebert, Harry Sieger, Darrel Helmer, Eileen Sieger, Larry Landsverk, and Janet Herzet, all write-ins, each received one vote.

Treasurer: Larry Landsverk, Lorita Siebert, and Harry Sieger, all write-ins, each received one vote.

Lehigh Township

Trustee: Kevin Marler, write-in, four.

Treasurer: Louie Coyle, write-in, six.

Liberty Township

Trustee: Milford Klaassen, write-in, incumbent, four.

Treasurer: Dean Suderman, incumbent, 155.

Logan Township

Trustee: Ronald E. Unruh, incumbent, 25.

Treasurer: Lane K. Dyck, incumbent, 28.

Lost Springs Township

Trustee: Jeff Deines, write-in, four.

Treasurer: Terry Deines, write-in, three.

Menno Township

Trustee: Carol L. Duerksen, incumbent, 175.

Treasurer: Tim Flaming, write-in, four.

Milton Township

Trustee: Cindy Jackson, write-in, three

Treasurer: Robert Mosier, Ronnie Gaines, Fern Goodwin, and Fritzie Hatfield, all write-ins, each received one vote.

Peabody Township

Trustee: Leland Janzen, write-in, five.

Treasurer: Jim Nickel, write-in, five.

Risley Township

Trustee: Jim Enns, incumbent, 138.

Treasurer: Paul D. Penner, write-in, incumbent, nine.

Summit Township

Trustee: Arthur Wedel, Beverly Knust, and Kenneth Knust, all write-ins, each received one vote.

Treasurer: Jana Wedel, Mack Clark, and Douglas Brewer, all write-ins, each received one vote.

West Branch Township

Trustee: Verney L. Voth, incumbent, 387.

Treasurer: Dwight R. Schmidt, incumbent, 367.

Wilson Township

Trustee: Joel Suderman, write-in, incumbent, seven.

Treasurer: Joyce Olsen, write-in, incumbent, seven.

Improvement districts

Marion County Improvement District #2 (three positions): Daniel Crumrine, 122; Frances J. Smalley, 118; and Paul White, 111, all incumbents.

Marion County Pilsen Improvement District #3 (three positions): Jeff Bina, write-in, 13; Kelly Steiner, write-in, 10; and Randy Svitak, write-in, nine.

East Shore Improvement District #1 (three positions): Jim Christensen, write-in, three; Donald Rock, write-in, three; and Robert Maxwell, write-in, one.

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