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Reservoir placed on highest warning for algae

Marion Reservoir was placed on a warning for blue-green algae Thursday based on water testing by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Water with high concentrations of blue-green algae can cause illness or even death in humans and animals if they drink enough, and skin contact can cause irritation.

Under a blue-green algae warning, swim beaches are closed, but other facilities may remain open. It is safe to eat fish caught during a harmful blue-green algae outbreak, as long as they are rinsed clean and only the fillet is eaten. People should wash their hands with clean water after handling fish caught during an algae outbreak.

During a warning, KDHE recommends the following precautions:

  • Humans, pets and livestock do not drink lake water.
  • Water contact is prohibited. Avoid swimming, wading or other activities with full body contact of lake water.
  • Clean fish and rinse with clean water, consume only the fillet portion, and discard all other parts.
  • Do not allow pets to eat dried algae.
  • If lake water contacts skin or pet fur, wash with clean potable water as soon as possible.
  • Avoid areas of visible algae accumulation.

Other lakes on algae warning are Old Herington City Lake, Dickinson County; Logan City Lake, Phillips County; and Memorial/Veterans Lake, Barton County. Lakes on a less severe algae advisory are Lovewell Reservoir, Jewell County; and South Lake, Johnson County.

Samples of water from the reservoir are taken each Monday for testing. KDHE announces advisories and warnings on Thursdays.

Last modified June 29, 2012