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Rehabilitation program helps retrieve health

Staff writer

Marion resident Claude Landis appreciates being able to get his cardiac rehabilitation close to home instead of driving to Newton for it.

Landis, 79, said he didn’t pass his stress test at his cardiologist’s office in Newton.

“He said there’s something behind my heart he can’t see,” Landis said.

Thus he was told he needs cardiac rehabilitation, and opted to get it here.

“It’s a lot nicer here than going down there. It’s real nice. It’s easier to come here,” Landis said.

His seven-minute drive to St. Luke Hospital is much shorter than the 45 minutes or so it would take him to get to Newton. Not only that, he doesn’t have to contend with traffic.

“As nervous as I get at my young age of 20,” Landis quipped.

Landis’ rehabilitation sessions are three times per week.

Theresa Ross, cardiac rehab nurse, said she usually works with about six cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients per day.

Besides guiding patients through their exercises and recording their results, she serves as advocate, educator, counselor, and cheerleader.

“Good job,” she told Landis as he finished walking on the treadmill and headed to the stationary bicycle. “I’m proud of Claude because he does over two and a half miles on this.”

When Landis said he’d completed 2.7 miles, Ross waved her arms in the air and said, “Yay.”

Ross said being able to see positive change in the patients’ lives is why she loves doing what she does.

“In cardiac rehab I always see them improve,” Ross said. “Everyone improves in cardiac rehab. Their breathing gets better and their endurance does, too.”

This week is national cardiac rehabilitation week.

Begun by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation week coincides with both Valentine’s Day and American heart month to draw greater national attention to heart health.

Last modified Feb. 15, 2017