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Reason to cheer

Over the weekend all five high schools in Marion County presented plays, and I hope everybody made it to at least one of them.

Everyone involved with the productions worked hard on the plays, and it showed. Just finding time when that many students can rehearse would be challenging enough. They didn’t stop at putting on a show. The students made the shows good.

I cannot think of a better way to spend your time and money for entertainment. The top movie at the box office the previous two weekends was “High School Musical 3.” I cannot say for others, but I would rather see a real high school musical than a movie about a high school musical.

It isn’t an easy thing to produce a play. Cast members have to learn their lines, get into character, learn their stage directions, and learn their cues. In a musical, they also have to learn the songs and dances.

The crew has its part to play, too. Sets have to be constructed, costumes and props have to be tracked down, and light and sound equipment has to be ready.

The students, directors, and others who helped, deserve to be recognized for the time and effort they give to have a good show for our community. And the best way to show them you appreciate their work is to get a ticket, go to the play, and give them a standing ovation, because they earned it.

— Adam Stewart

Last modified Nov. 19, 2008