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Reading the printed word

Several times during the past 11 years as an employee of this newspaper, I have noted that people tend to see and read exactly what they want to see and read. I had that confirmed once again after my six regular readers and a couple of other folks read this past week about Hoch Publishing managing editor, Susan Berg, leaving the paper and taking a job with the county.

“You goin’ to work for the county?” several asked me. “So, are we gonna’ have a paper since you quit?” others queried. And one person mumbled at me under his breath, “Well, you lasted longer than I thought you would. Kind of old to be starting a new job though, aren’t you?”

As Bob Dylan sang in the mid-1960s, “It ain’t me, Babe. No, no, no, it ain’t me, Babe…”

The Susan in question is not this Susan. The Susan in question is The Other Susan, Susan #1, Chief Susan, Calm, Cool, and Collected Susan — Susan Berg. Not me, Babe.

I have a bit of a way to go before I retire and since someone was gutsy enough to remind me just the other day that I might be too old to start a new job, I guess I will hang around here for awhile and try to build my readership to 10 or 15 or so.

In another piece of news about our newspaper family, sports reporter and photographer Janet Post and husband, Pat, became grandparents once again on Monday. Alexandria Marie Post made her debut in Salina. Grandmas, grandpas, dad, mom, and baby all are doing well. Congratulations! Alexandria Marie is the fourth Post grandchild and while I haven’t heard for sure, I bet the three Kansas City cousins are high-fiving the newest addition to the fold.

Just to be sure you have all the news correct, perhaps you should CAREFULLY re-read the above paragraphs.

Please don’t tell anyone I went to work for the county because I was pregnant with my fourth child and the county had better maternity benefits than Hoch Publishing. Don’t ask me what company is headed by Chief Susan. As far as I know the newest Post has not moved to Kansas City with her cousins.

Yes, you still will have a newspaper and you can see and read exactly what you want to see and read. Some things just don’t change.

— Susan Marshall

Last modified July 20, 2011