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Pulpit and pew

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

How do you know if you’ve heard “good” preaching?

Does the delivery need to be fiery and loud or cool and casual? How many verses should be covered? Should the sermon address the hot-button social issue of the moment? How long is too long? Should it be from your favorite version of the Bible? From the Old Testament or New Testament?

If you think you have an idea of what “preaching” is, then finish this sentence: “I think good preaching is...”

While I’m no expert, here are a few things I know about preaching:

  • Preaching is the responsibility to communicate the truths of the Bible to a group in such a way that it involves their minds, souls, and emotions.
  • Preaching is a “holy happening,” with God present.
  • Preaching is essential to the church... not “optional” but ESSENTIAL.
  • Preaching — like any other form of communicating God’s Word — is a privilege.

Your preacher has been entrusted with an incredible responsibility. The “call” to preach is a humbling, and sacred obligation. But so is the call to hear the message. God’s Word deserves our attention from pulpit and pew.

Last modified Jan. 11, 2012