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Problems abound with our Christmas lights

Yes, there is a problem with our downtown Christmas lights. As the lone remaining member of the Peabody Christmas Light committee, if you have a comment, recommendation, suggestion, or complaint about the lights, I am the person to contact.

While the reason they are not yet on is a bit vague and beyond my understanding, I really am the only person who can give a straight answer.

Ask me. I am pretty available. I have lived in the same house for 40 years, had the same landline phone number for 46, and have been employed by this newspaper for 16 years. I am not hard to find.

No one in the Pop’s Diner Hall of Knowledge can tell you why the lights were not heralding in the Christmas season the weekend following Thanksgiving. Do not go to Peabody City Office to ask, either. It is not their job to know. The downtown Christmas lights are the responsibility of the Christmas light committee, no one else. Neither Peabody Main Street, Peabody Dreamers, the HUB, Peabody Senior Center, nor any other downtown organization is responsible for the lights.

I thought we were on track with the company we employ to check the bulbs, wiring, meters, timers, and other particulars related to getting the holiday lights turned on in a timely manner. However, a major snafu occurred at some point during the summer months when the meters that control the power to several of the primary outlets were removed by our electric service provider. So far, no one has been able to explain to me why this happened. I am fairly certain that our provider does not just pull meters without authorization from someone. I just do not know who that someone might be or why the “pull order” was requested.

When the electric company we employ to check the bulbs and wiring came to town, there was no power at the meters and they were unable to do their job. Several of the free-standing buildings are hooked up and their lights are on. The rest are dark. Do I love the look of partial holiday lighting in our downtown? Oh shoot, no.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. The lights should be on. They are not and I know it. I am going to try again before this column hits page two of this week’s edition of the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin. Since I do not really know what is wrong, I am not sure how to go about fixing it. But hey, I am going to try. If you are one of those in the know, give me a shout. There are places available for those of you who want to serve on the Christmas Light Committee. Truly, there are. If you are not interested in helping, please do not comment.

Quite frankly, if the lights never come on again, we still will celebrate the birth of Christ and the holiday festivities will go forward. Honestly, that is all I have to say about Christmas lights. Blessings of the season to you and yours.

—susan marshall

Last modified Dec. 2, 2016