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Preschoolers are thankful

Staff writer

A bright and colorful bulletin board in the hallway outside the preschool room at Peabody-Burns Elementary School sports construction paper turkeys put together by preschool students.

In keeping with the season, each turkey has a one-line message of thanks by its creator. And what are these students thankful to have in their lives this Thanksgiving?

As usual with this age group, their appreciation runs the gamut from practical to fanciful.

Eight are thankful for their families (or specific family members) or pets. Two appreciate their houses, several are grateful for food, television, and toys, and one even notes that school tops the list.

In the “how did that child get there” category are “I’m thankful I can chore with my daddy,” “vanilla ice cream, cheese, and clothes,” “helicopters,” and the answer that leaves nothing to chance, “everything.”

Just in case anyone needs a reminder of what the Thanksgiving celebration is all about, the youngest students at PBES have it all figured out.

Last modified Nov. 16, 2011