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Poor communication led to Florence rec director dispute

Staff writer

Former Florence Recreation Director Holly Pereilo said that a lack of communication between the Florence City Council and herself led to roller skating nights at the Florence gym being postponed and end of her appointment.

Pereilo said that she asked City Clerk Janet Robinson, council member and Spring Fling organizer Trayce Warner, and Mayor Mary Shipman what events needed to be scheduled for spring in February. Without a date set for Spring Fling, Pereilo scheduled skating nights for April 28 and May 26.

She said she found out about the scheduling conflict with Spring Fling, April 28, in the March newsletter for Florence, she was then told the alumni banquet would be the final Friday and Saturday in May.

Pereilo was reluctant to move the skating nights to a different night because she had worked out the schedule with Marion County schools. The first and second weekends of the month, she was told, were too early to get in the school newsletter to inform parents.

“Last year, I tried moving skating around and had numerous complaints from skaters and schools that the event was too inconsistent,” Pereilo said. “This year, I tried to find ways, not only for future conflicts to be avoided, but for the events to work together.”

Pereilo suggested having Spring Fling earlier in the day and using kids games as an introduction to skating in the evening. For the alumni banquet, Pereilo suggested having skating on Friday and then the banquet on Saturday.

“Not a single person from Spring Fling got back to me about that,” Pereilo said. “I should have followed up further with the alumni, but no would tell me who exactly that would be.”

Pereilo asked the city to review the job description, procedures, and use contract for the recreation director position. Pereilo then received a termination letter from the city.

“I was told they eliminated the position to ‘stop me in my tracks and put me in my place,’” Pereilo said.

Last modified April 11, 2012