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Activity Reports

Law enforcement agencies provided these reports of their activities this past week. Routine activities such as patrols, inspections, training, report-writing, and assistance to other agencies are excluded.


Dec. 4 — Warnings were issued for improper registration, vehicle equipment, and failure to turn on headlights.

Dec. 5 — A warning was issued for failure to clear frost from windshield. Investigation of elderly person driving without a license, family notified and keys taken away.

Dec. 6 — Verbal warning issued for speeding. Investigation of suspicious vehicle parked at Emprise Bank.

Dec. 7 — A report of a vehicle speeding around Hillsboro Elementary School, and a dog complaint in 300 block of N. Madison St. Warnings were issued for spinning tires, failure to turn on lights, and vehicle equipment. A ticket was issued for speeding.


Dec. 4 — Reports were received of two dogs at large, no dogs were located. A suspicious vehicle investigated at the old Pizza Hut building.

Dec. 5 — A warning was issued for distracted driving. Nuisance property letter issued in the 200 block of N. Roosevelt St. A traffic stop was conducted to issue an arrest warrant, but officers could not locate the individual. A warning was issued for conducting a J-turn in the 200 block of E. Main St. A warning was issued for speeding in the 800 block of E. Main St.

Dec. 6 — A written warning was issued for parking where prohibited, and warnings issued for various traffic offenses at seven traffic stops. A report was received of a stray cat at a residence in 300 block of W. Main St. and the cat was relocated.

Dec. 7 — Warnings were issued near Eisenhower Rd. and US-56 for failure to signal, and on Cedar St. near Main St. for blue lights and a citation for no proof of liability insurance.

Dec. 8 — A report was received of an unrestrained child in a vehicle, but no vehicle was located. Verbal warning issued for no headlights when required near Cedar and Main Sts., and for headlight out near Main and Elm Sts. Suspicious vehicle investigated in the 100 block of N. Second St.

Dec. 9 — A report was received of a dog at large, but no dog was located. A warning was issued for headlight out near Main and Elm Sts, and a suspicious vehicle was investigated in the industrial park.

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