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Nov. 6 — Police investigated a report of credit card fraud and issued traffic tickets for an equipment violation and running a stop sign.

Nov. 7 – A false alarm set off by a delivery driver at Pizza Hut and a report of a motor scooter being driving on a sidewalk were investigated. Four traffic tickets were issues — two from running stop signs, one for an equipment violation, and one for failing to turn on headlights.

Nov. 8 — A report of a dog at large was investigated.

Thursday — Police helped with an out-of-control 11-year-old at Prairie View Mental Health Center, provided security while a fired employee was dismissed, and investigated a report of a stolen bicycle.

Friday — A hit-and-run accident, illegal dumping at the city’s tree dump, and reports of two coyotes in the city were investigated. Officers also assisted with a student at Marion County Special Education Cooperative in Marion.

Saturday — Police investigated break-ins at six storage units at 405 Orchard Dr.

Sunday — A Tabor College student reported theft of a computer, and police investigated a disturbance in the 100 block of N. Cedar St. A ticket was issued for an equipment violation.


Nov. 6 — Officers took a report of animal cruelty. Officers investigated theft of a purse. Officers took an information report on a civil matter.

Nov. 7 — Officers took a report of an abandoned dog. Officers investigated an unattended death.

Nov. 9 — A purse was turned in to the police department and returned to its rightful owner.

Saturday — Officers took information reports on drug violations and domestic violence. A suspicious bicycle was located. Officers attempted to remove a subject from a domestic situation but the person had already left when police arrived.


No activity report was available when a reporter tried to contact Marion police. No weekly activity reports have been provided since Aug. 2.

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