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Incident reports

Hillsboro police

Oct. 13: Police handled a dog complaint and a traffic complaint.

Oct. 14: Officers took reports of a lost wallet and a stolen bicycle. The bicycle was later recovered.

Oct. 15: Police addressed reports of an abandoned vehicle, a possible abandoned vehicle took reports of a suspicious person, the fraudulent use of a bank account, and an animal welfare concern.

Oct. 16: Officers checked on suspicious activity, and took reports of identity theft, and a suspicious odor.

Oct. 17: Police performed a welfare check and checked on suspicious activity.

Oct. 18: Officers took a criminal threat complaint.

Oct. 19: Police recovered an abandoned bicycle at the sports complex and took a report of several people running through town being disorderly and trespassing.

Marion police

Sept. 30: Police responded to a report of a possible lost child and assisted in a search for the child. The child was later found safe. Officers responded to a call of a rabid horse; the horse had to be put down. Police responded to an Oasis runaway; the runaway was later found at Marion Central Park and was released back to his guardian.

Oct. 1: Officers took a report of a found guitar and clothes in someone’s backyard, and took a report of an abandoned vehicle in Casey’s parking lot, and responded to a fight at the aquatic center.

Oct. 2: Officers provided a welfare check where they located a juvenile and took the child to school, and took a report of a gas skip at Ampride, and took a report of a non-injury accident. Officers took a report of possible harassment and theft of property; the property was later recovered.

Oct. 3: Police took a report of theft and burglary and assisted Marion EMS with a possible combative patient. Police assisted Marion County Sheriff’s Department with suspected trespassing in Florence; juveniles found were issued a warning for curfew violation.

Oct. 4: Officers took a report of a 911 disconnect; everything was found to be OK, and took a report for possible dog neglect.

Oct. 5: Officers responded to a call of alleged domestic violence, and attempted to arrest Willaim Alkire. Alkire resisted and was tazed by officers. Alkire was detained on suspicion of domestic assault, battery on an officer, assault on an officer, domestic assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and interfering with an officer and taken to Marion County Jail. A mental evaluation was done on Alkire and he was transferred to Larned State Hospital.

Oct. 6: Officers took a report of a person who would not leave a house when asked.

Oct. 7: Officers were informed of possible dog neglect, assisted Meade County Sheriff with information on a former resident, and assisted Marion County Sheriff’s Department on a vehicle rollover. Police responded to a second rollover accident south of town and responded to a commercial alarm at Casey’s General Store; an employee set off alarm accidentally.

Oct. 8: Officers took a report of a dog bite; the dog was found to be in the Florence area and a citation was issued to a homeowner for trash and junk in his yard on N. Cedar St. Police took a report of possible harassment and stalking, and took a report of assault.

Oct. 9: Officers attended Walk to School Day, and assisted students across the street, and responded to a non-injury car accident, and arrested Dustin Shiplet, 30, on two charges of registered offender violation. Officers took a report of a possible break in, and found everything to be OK.

Oct. 10: Police responded to a call of an out of control student at Oasis.


Oct. 14: Police took a report of telephone harassment and are investigating the matter. Police took a juvenile complaint with which they are assisting.

Oct. 18: Alan Hatton, Peabody, was arrested and charged with failure to appear on an El Dorado municipal warrant.

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