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Incident reports

Hillsboro police

Sept. 29: Officers responded to two parking complaints, a traffic hazard complaint, a commercial alarm, and a gas skip in which the person returned to pay for the purchase.

Sept. 30: Police handled a parking complaint, curfew violation, checked on suspicious activity, and a report of bicycle stolen from the high school.

Oct. 1: Police took a dog complaint and checked on suspicious activity.

Oct. 2: Officers handled a report of suspicious people at the elementary school. Police checked on suspicious activity, children playing in the street, and took a report where a bicycle was taken on accident because both bicycles were of the same brand and style.

Oct. 3: Officers handled several curfew violations, checked on suspicious activity at the sports complex, and a dog complaint. Police also took a report of a domestic disturbance.

Oct. 4: Police handled a parking complaint. The K-9 unit also searched both the high school and the middle school along with Marion County Sheriff K-9 unit.

Oct. 5: Officers performed a welfare check, addressed a parking complaint, and handled a report in which the subject had been informed of a person being bullied at school. The victim later reported that there was no harassment. Police also took a report of a stolen vehicle in which the vehicle was later located. It was discovered to have been taken without the owner’s knowledge and not actually stolen.


Oct. 1: Police took a report of a civil/theft issue and are still assisting with it.

Oct. 2: Police took a report at Westview Manor of theft and criminal damage to property. Charges will be forthcoming.

Oct. 3: Police filed a case of alcohol consumption in public and issued a notice to appear to Christopher Frye of Peabody.

Oct. 5: Police issued a notice to appear to John Somerhalder for an expired tag and no insurance.

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