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Incident reports

Hillsboro Police

Sept. 9: Officers responded to reports of delayed traffic and a dog complaint.

Sept. 10: Police handled a minor traffic accident in which no report was needed and also took a report of suspicious activity.

Sept. 11: Officers took a parking complaint, a dog complaint, and a report of suspicious activity.

Sept. 12: Police picked up an abandoned bicycle and checked on suspicious activity.

Sept. 13: Officers responded to a report of harassing messages left on an answering machine and transported a subject to Marion County Jail who had been advised to turn himself in on a bond revocation.

Sept. 14: Police handled two dog complaints, a report of suspicious activity, and a curfew violation.


Sept. 2: When officers responded to a report of shotgun shells dumped in the Marion High School driveway they found multiple discarded shells and four dead doves. Police also handled two theft reports, a dead animal in the back of a residence, and a drowned dog in the city fountain.

Sept. 3: Police handled a dog complaint, a theft, and gave traffic warnings for illegal parking in a school zone and speeding. Officers also responded to reports of vandalism at Marion High School, a possible disturbance in which a man was looking for a woman and could not find her, and investigated a suspicious vehicle.

Sept. 4: Officers responded to a report of an out-of-control juvenile, conducted a traffic stop and issued a warning for failure to use turn signal. Four additional traffic stops were made. Police also found an open door at Marion High School. The K9 unit performed a search of the premises and secured the building.

Sept. 5: Police responded to a dog complaint, witnessed and took a report for a non-injury accident, and handled a possible theft. Officers also handled a traffic complaint where the motorist was driving without a license and the passenger was transporting an open container. Both were arrested.

Sept. 6: Officers issued three warnings for speeding, one for illegal parking, and another for driving without headlights. Police also responded to a property owner dispute, took reports of lost key’s, domestic abuse, and suspicious activity where the subjects were issued warnings for tapping on windows. Officers also secured a duplex west of the stadium in which the lights were on and doors open.

Sept. 7: Officers assisted hospital officials with a schizophrenic person and took a report of a stolen bicycle. The victim later found the bike in the park.

Sept. 8: Police handled a domestic argument.

Sept. 9: Officers issued a verbal warning for exhibition of speed and a headlamp out.

Sept. 10: Police found two doors open during the downtown business check, contacted the key holders and secured the buildings. Officers also responded to a reckless driving complaint.

Sept. 11: Police issued a verbal warning for a headlamp out, handled reports of dog neglect and suspicious activity, and gave a citation for speeding.


Sept. 9: Police took in a report on a civil issue.

Sept. 10: Police arrested Jason Brooks of Peabody on a charge of driving with a suspended driver’s license and having no insurance. A report of burglary and theft was taken.

Sept. 12: Police arrested Lacey Kimbrough of Halstead on a Peabody Municipal Court warrant. Officers took an information report on a suspicious person.

Sept. 13: Police took two reports of theft from separate residents. Police cited an individual for illegal window tint.

Sept. 15: Officers took an information report on a dog bite. The incident has been resolved.

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