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Police chief warns against sledding on city streets

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke would like to remind parents that children sledding on Peabody streets could be a recipe for disaster.

“City streets are for motor vehicles,” he stated. “Sledding down steep driveways or yards onto streets is also dangerous.

“Too often, cars and trucks are not able to stop when the streets are snow-packed or icy. Even drivers who are not going very fast can have trouble stopping,” he said. “That kind of sledding is just not a very smart thing to do.”

He also noted that it is against the law for motor vehicles to pull sleds or toboggans.

Burke said that youngsters who are found participating in those activities will be told to get off the streets or be escorted home.

For more information, contact Burke at (620) 983-2133.

Last modified Jan. 27, 2011