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Police arrest 18-year-old on alleged drug dealing charges

Clayton Tate Lingenfelter, 18, Hillsboro, was arrested June 12 on suspicion of multiple drug charges, including dealing.

Hillsboro officer David Funk investigated a report from a citizen who witnessed what the citizen felt was a drug transaction at 8:24 p.m. in Memorial Park, police chief Dan Kinning said.

Lingenfelter was in the company four teenage boys at a picnic table when Funk arrived, Kinning said.

When Funk asked Lingenfelter for identification, Kinning said, Lingenfelter told the officer his driver’s license was in his vehicle.

Funk patted Lingenfelter down for “officer safety reasons” before allowing him to go to his vehicle, Kinning said.

“David wanted to make sure he wasn’t armed,” Kinning said. “He found the marijuana and scales when he patted him down.”

Funk discovered about 25 grams of marijuana and a digital pocket scale disguised as a pack of cigarettes, Kinning said.

“It looked like a Marlboro pack but had ‘Manlloro’ printed on the side instead,” he said.

The four other teens, all of whom were younger than 18, submitted to a search, Kinning said, but none of them had anything illegal in their possession.

Lingenfelter allegedly had packaged some of the marijuana in a way that suggested it was available for distribution, Kinning said.

Lingenfelter faces charges of distribution of marijuana, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Last modified June 22, 2016